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Guide 1 – Preparing to lead curriculum change (PDF 1.4MB)
The first guide provides an overview of the series coming your way during 2007. The guides are to help you prepare to lead the implementation of the curriculum in your school.

Implementation Pack for Schools and NZCResource Bank which provides links to curriculum guides, key resources, digital stories, templates with guiding questions for schools to work through in terms of goal setting, Vision, Values and Principals, Effective Pedagogy, Key Competencies (as well as assessment of these), Learning Areas and School Curriculum Design and Review.
Strategies for Getting Started has some valuable resources including, digital stories shared from schools who have embarked on this journey already, some nice ideas on how to address change using Web 2.0 tools such as Wordle, starting points for discussing the Key Competencies, 9 principles for leading change by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and there are many many more powerful links in here including ICT PD's www.time4innovation.org.nz

Leading your school’s learning environment: Curriculum design and review from Leadspace is a guide that "offers suggestions for actions principals can take as they lead work with their schools to review and confirm their curriculum. The checklists link The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) with sets of actions suggested by experienced school principals and the Pedagogy section of the draft document Kiwi Leadership for Principals (KLP 2008) to confirm a range processes that support leading learning".

School curriculum design and review document further provides some additional powerful questions as a checklist for school leaders. Both of these PDF files have live links to additional resources.

The Main Pamphlet (one of four)

From the New Zealand Curriculum to school curriculum

is a concise document which includes: the 14 factors (we discussed briefly at the meeting), key questions in relation to key competencies, understandings about knowledge. teaching and learning, consulting with the community, effective pedagogy, vision and learning areas.

Additional resources in relation to Change Management and Visioning in schools can be found @
Additional resources in relation to Effective Pedagogy and Inquiry learning as a disposition can be found @
Additional resources in relation to Preparing to Lead Curriculum Change can be found @

Mark Treadwell has been actively writing about paradigm shifts and educational reforms and his work on this can be found @ http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Schoolv2.html
The Global Curriculum Links profile the Changing Responsibilities & Skills for our times as well as the dissemination of concept driven Curriculum design.

Stephen Downes - How to be Successful

MoE Implementation Information Powerpoint
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The **New Zealand** Curriculum: Draft for Consultation 2006 Impact of **...**

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Competencies and overarching Essence Statements with the continuation of .... Consider the inclusion of an overview diagram showing the relationship between ...

Progressive Education in the 1940s