Effective Pedagogy

Why is it narrowed down to inquiry learning?

What about other methodologies of teaching and learning
  • instructional
  • rote
  • coorperative learning

We have a battery of methodologies...

What influence has ICT to this type of learning? Is inquiry learning easily praciticed with ICT?

Inquiry learning impacts life long learning (problem solving?)

Differentiation - individual learning, holistic learning

Behaviorism to connectivism

Identify teaching and learning strategies, catogories them on a continuim from teacher centred to student centred and then beside each place appropriate ICT tools that could used

Example - Andrew Churches has been working on a new version of Blooms taxonomy that is more inclusive of emerging technologies. He calls it Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and you can find it here http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s Digital Taxonomy