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Setting the Scene with the opening statement from Galileo Website...

"Inquiry is a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world. As such, it is a stance that pervades all aspects of life and is essential to the way in which knowledge is created. Inquiry is based on the belief that understanding is constructed in the process of people working and conversing together as they pose and solve the problems, make discoveries and rigorously testing the discoveries that arise in the course of shared activity.

Inquiry is a systemtic investigation or study into a worthy question, issue, problem or idea."


Why Inquiry?

Temporarily taken from http://www.galileo.org

Key Questions:

What is our understanding about learning? What's influencing this?

What are our understandings about what constitutes meaningful learning? What's influencing this?

What are our understandings about learners and how meaningful learning happens?

What is effective pedagogy? What is this based on?

Facilitation Strategies:

Link to Sharon Friesen's Inquiry Design Map
In your groups, evaluate the follow learning example in terms of the Assessing An Inquiry-based Study and now make reference to the Inquiry Rubric.


Huge amount of resources related to Inquiry based learning and new learning theories found in ICT PD Online folder

More resources can be found at Suzi Vesper's Teacher Portal wikispaces site

Inquiry Approach rubric- resources from workshop with Sharon Friesen

Andrew Churches has been working on a new version of Blooms taxonomy that is more inclusive of emerging technologies. He calls it Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and you can find it here http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s Digital Taxonomy

Funderstanding.com has some useful breakdown of learning theories:

Links to learning theories

Inquire2Learn huge resource by Pam Hook with powerful links to SOLO taxonomy.

Reading, "Teaching the 21st Century Learner" http://icwc.wikispaces.com/space/showimage/21st century learner.pdf
Sheryl Nussaum-Beach
Link to Educational Origami on the 21st Century Teacher
http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/21st Century Teacher
Facilitating 21st Century Learning
http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Facilitating 21st Century Learning
Nice link to 'How is the Inquiry Classroom Different from the Traditional Classroom'